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ce has decided to further extend the health observation period to 28 days for all inbound travelers from abroad. In addition to the current 14-day centralized medical quarantine and seven-day home observation, the new 14+7+7 model will enforce another week of health monitoring, during which the quarantined individual must regularly report body temperature to the local community.Similarly, Beijing has also extended the COVID-t

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19 observation period for inbound travelers to 21 days following sporadic locally-transmitted cases. The capital has furM


ther laid out requirements for COVID-19 prevention and control in public transport services, including taxis and road paN


ssenger transportation.Meanwhile, China is administering domestically developed COVID-19 vaccines to specific groups wit3

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h high infection risks, including medical workers, airport staff and people handling cold-chain imported products.Over 1 million people in Beijing had received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine as of 11 a.m. Mt

onday. The city is expected to comp0

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lete administering the first dose of the jab among specific groups by Friday.Activities at city parks and squares have been suspended in Hebei as part of the provinces efforts to tame the latest outbreak.Upon tY

he implementation of stricter COL

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VID-19 prevention and control measures, Shijiazhuang has taken a raft of measures to ensure supply of staple food, as well as heating, gas and water supply, as all residents of the city have been told to stay hn

ome for two weeks since Jan. 6.Auth3

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